De-addication Cum Rehabilitation Center, Latur

By looking at the genuine demand for making de-addiction in the society, the Organization started Muktigram De-Addiction Cum-Rehabilitation Center Khadgaon Road, Latur in the year August 1998. From this Center, the addicts from different types of Drug addicts. peoples are treated on indoor basis. The addicts from Latur as well as from surrounding Districts and State have got benefited in this Center for the cause of de-addiction. The addicts are treated here through different types for treatments basis like by giving physical, psychological, emotional treatment, in addition with providing medicines, exercises, P.T., Yoga, Musical treatment, group & individual counseling, behavior therapy etc. In this Center, Proper Guidance is also given about the valuable health in our god gifted golden Life in thisbeautiful World.
Near about 3468 Patient who had drug addicts has got benefited in this Center from 1998-99 to till date. Opium 08, Heroin 01, Other opiates 05, Synthetic Narcotic Analgesics 03, Alcohol 99, Cannabis , Amphetamines 001, Multiple Drugs 6, Other 10 and also without of them 137 patient completely rehabilitated by our De-Addiction Center. Drug addicts from near by District & States are also coming for admission to get Free from Drug and get rehabilitated for their peaceful life with prosperity. The ‘Muktigram’ De-addiction cum rehabilitation Centre, Latur is as follows. The center provides quality indoor treatment for 35 days which is essential for detoxification of the addicts. The first 10 days are essential to overcome with drawls symptoms and the remaining period is sent for the improvement of their physical and mental health. During this period, psycotherepthy, behavior therapy, Yoga, Occupational Therapy, Group Therapy, meditation, medication, Guest lecture, Group desiccation, Indoor game, Good activity Program, Visual Entertainment, socialAwareness Program, Family & Individual Counseling, Guidance Seminar etc. help the patient regain physical and mental health, where else effective counseling inputs, group therapies and sessions, etc, help build up their will power to keep away from addiction, coup up with the realities of life and prepare themselves to join the main stream of the community. Essential after care like follow up and effective family counseling helps the process of recovery even after the patients is discharge.

De-addiction cum rehabilitation Centre, Latur

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