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Shri Ganesh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal organization dedicated to improving the Various sector of Society with support of state and Central Govt. in the developing and focusing on serious challenges Like Adoption Center, Handicapped School, Short Stay Home, Working Women Hostel, De-addiction Center, Home for Aged, Observation Home for Girl, to maternal health. Identifying all children in need of care and protection particularly orphans, single parent children, slum children’s.

The NGO has been fully dedicated to the cause of improving the lives of the differently baled children, Destitute & Widow women’s ,handicapped Students has also achieved immense success in their venture. Handicapped School is engaged in providing free lodging, boarding, physiotherapy, education, pre-occupational training and medi-care to the handicapped especially the polio victims in its effort to rehabilitate them and facilitate them to lead a respectable life. Brilliant students are sponsored for vocational training outside the state by the Home.
Shri Ganesh Shikshan Prsarak Mandel is a non-profit NGO involve in welfare of handicapped children. working Latur and nearby area for disabled people to help them for attaining equal opportunities, protection of rights, and full participation with in their family and society. Disabled Children are the one of the most marginalised part of human population. To integrate this group of people into the community and development works, there is a need to facilities and support them for their medical, education and training needs.
GSPM is working to provide need-based facilitation and support in order to achieve friendly environment for them.
GSPM is providing free medical, surgical intervention, therapeutic facilities and special education. The persons with disabilities need special provisions, policies, activities and suitable modified infrastructure for their proper development and effective contribution to the society.

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Organisation Values

Governance is the need of the hour in the development sector in order to ensure and promote application of best management practices, compliance of law and adherence to best possible ethical standards. The entire management processes and practices of Smile Foundation are in compliance with the principles of Good Governance’.

Making Policies & Decisions

SGSPM, from the inception itself, works on a delegated work environment. Each and every person in the organization is involved in the process of decision making in a scientifically designed system. Making Policy & Decision in the Foundation are done through a four tier system.

Departments & Divisions

Monthly review meetings are held for each division and department regularly.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees sets the vision and broad guidelines for the Foundation and ensures good governance in liaison with the Board of Advisors; although, the Board of Trustees is not involved in the day to day operation of SGSPM.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the Foundation’s operation directly and it reports to the Board of Advisors. Members of this committee are professionals working with Smile Foundation and it is mandatory to include a member from the Board of Advisors. The Executive Committee of Smile Foundation holds a meeting each Quarter (every three months) and looks after day to day management.

External evaluation IV. Audit System

Smile Foundation has a four tier audit system to ensure that funds are utilized to the optimum level in an accountable manner.

A. Programme & Project Audit System – is followed to assess and ensure impact of the investment and proper use of money by its NGO partners and projects

People Management

Our people are our assets. SGSPM believes in a democratic and participatory work culture. Appraisal and review system is conducted twice a year in a democratic way to identify the future leaders of the organization.

Legal Status: Registered under Societies Registration Act,1860,
Cide registration number mah/154/84/Latur, dated
30-11-1984 and under Bombay Public Trust Act. 1950,
Vide registration No. F665/Latur dated 8-3-1985

Registration No. :  Mah/154/84/F/665/1995
F.C.R.A. NO.I.T. ACT. 1961 : 08910036 DATED 9/05/1985

Section 35AC No. : F.NO. Govt. of India Minitry of Finance
(Department of Revenue ) S.O.2370 (E) D/3/10/08

I.T. ACT.-12A:  Reg. no.55/3

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Priyadarshini Chowk, Khadgaon Road, Latur Maharashtra, India.
09823212111, 09922512222