De-addiction Program

Muktigram Vyasanmukti Kendra

Orgaisation has Started Muktigram De-Addiction cum rehabilitation Center Khadgoan Road, Latur Since 1998. The addicts from Latur as well as from surround Districts and state have got benefited from the centre. Addicts are treated through different kind of support like yoga, physical and psychological counseling with well trained Psychologist and Twelve step for motivation towards behavior change in their life. The centre provide quality indoor treatment for 35 days that is essential for detoxification of the addicts.

First 10 days essential to over come with drawl symptoms and mental health. During the session ,Psycotherapthy, behavior therapy, occupational therapy, Group therapy, meditation, guest lecture, indoor games, Visual entertainment, social awareness program , Family and individual counseling etc. Units helps them to build up their will power to keep away from addiction coup up with realities of life and prepare them selves to join the main stream of the communities.

Thousands of people have recovered from alcohol or substance abuse through this foundation has a strong, well rounded program featuring detoxification, rehabilitation, after care, and the option for extended care. The foundation’s holistic care through 12 step, yoga, meditation, AA/NA meetings, therapy, recreation, and group structure is very successful in dealing with a multitude of issues . So for Last three year there is 870 addicts are De-addict from the centre.

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Priyadarshini Chowk, Khadgaon Road, Latur Maharashtra, India.
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